My name is George Mercado, I am a digital professional who is passionate about user experience in the digital space. I started my career as a software developer focused on writing code and later transitioned into web development and digital marketing. I have 19+ years of experience leading and contributing to technical and online marketing solutions with a high degree of success and ROI. My biggest asset is a proven ability to identify, analyze and solve problems and to successfully bridge the corporate gap between technology, marketing and business.

Throughout my career, I have been fortunate enough to start my own business as well as working in startups and large corporations like IBM, Toshiba and Metlife.  The startups have given me the opportunities to be very hands on in many different areas and expand my abilities in UX, web development and marketing.  Starting my own business was also a great entrepreneurial  experience where I learned end to end business operations and the dedication it takes to run your own business.  Last but not least, my experience in large corporations has made me a well rounded digital professional in many industries like software development, consumer electronics, real estate and pharma.